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1. What is an Electronic Travel Authority?

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) provides authorisation for non-Australian citizens to travel to and enter into Australia and is electronically linked to your passport. It is for short term stays I Australia either for tourism or business visitor activities only.

2. What are the differences between ETA and eVisitor visa for Australia?

Australia ETA or eVisitor visa both are the same but two different names only for the people of different region. ETA visa is only eligible to the citizens of Japan, United State, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei–Darussalam etc.

On the other hand, eVisitor visa is eligible to the citizens of any countries from European Union.

The conditions of both visas are the same.

3. What do I need to make an application?

To make an application for an ETA or eVisitor visa through this website you will need a valid passport, valid email address and a PayPal or Stripe account or Credit card or Debit card.

4. How do I apply for Australia ETA or eVisitor Visa online?

To apply for Australia ETA Visa online you must meet some pre-conditions. At the time of your application you must be located outside of Australia, hold a valid passport from any eligible countries and must be tuberculosis free.

Once you meet the above preconditions you may apply online through this website. Online application link is here.

If you do not hold a passport from any of the eligible countries you will not be able to apply online for ETA or eVisitor visa.

5. How long can I stay In Australia?

The ETA will allow you to stay in Australia for a maximum of three months for each visit. However, you will receive a visa approval for total period of 12 months and can travel as many times as you want until your visa has expired.

6. I am planning a holiday for more than three months in Australia. What should I do?

You will need to apply for a visa which allows for a longer stay.

7. What can I do if I am not eligible to apply through this site?

If you are not able to apply for an ETA online using this website, you might be eligible to apply for other types of visitor visa directly with an Australian consulate at your location.

8. Do age restrictions apply?

No age restriction apply. Eligible passport holders of all ages can apply for an Australia ETA / eVisitor Visa.

9. Can I include my children in the same online Australia ETA Visa application?

No. All family members must make separate ETA application. Even if your children travel on your passport, they will need an individual Australia ETA Visa application.

Through this website you will be able to apply for an Australia ETA Visa for all members of your family traveling with you provided they also meet all the online Australia ETA Visa eligibility criterion. To do so, please select “multiple applications” option while applying for ETA.

10. How long will my Australia ETA Visa take to process?

Visas are typically processed by our professional team within 24 hours. However, there are some exceptions. You may choose various options given that starts from 15 minutes to 24 hours depending on your circumstances.

11. What can I do if I make a mistake in my application?

It is important to provide true and correct information while applying for Australia ETA visa. Therefore, we allow you to preview & modify application information before submission. It helps you to complete the application with zero mistake.

Further to this, after submitting the application if you find out any mistake, you can make an amendment to your application without being charged.

Note: If your Australia ETA Visa information do not match with your passport you might experience delays when boarding your aircraft or your entry into Australia might be refused by Australian Boarder Protection Authority

12. What happens when my application is not approved?

If your application is not approved you should finalise your application through the nearest Australian visa office.

13. My application for an Australia ETA Visa was unsuccessful, can I get my application fee back?

We only provide a full refund of the application if your application has not been processed by us within the requested time frame regardless. However, we are not in a position to take any responsibility as to why your application has not been approved by Electronic Travel Authority of Australia after submission, and as such no refund will be applicable.

14. What if I already hold a current visa for travelling to Australia?

If you already hold a current visa for travelling to Australia, you will be advised at the time of your application. Therefore, if you wish to proceed with existing visa your ETA visa will not commence until your existing visa has expired.

15. Why do I need to indicate if I have had another name?

While applying for an ETA it is mandatory that your name and other information match as it appeared in your passport.

If you provide a different name on your Australia ETA Visa application to that on your passport, knowing that you have an alias or another spelling of your name will help immigration officials check that you do have a valid visa.

16. Why do I need to indicate that I have a Criminal Conviction?

It is pre-requirement for applying for an ETA that you must provide true and correct information about yourself. As such, if you have a criminal convictions for which you have been sentenced to a term of 12 months or more collectively, you should disclose that at the time of your application. You might also be eligible to apply for another type of visitor visa.

If you are found to be in breach of any condition, your visa can be cancelled in immigration clearance and you will not be allowed to enter into Australia.

17. What conditions apply to my Australia ETA Visa?

The following conditions apply to your ETA or eVisitor visa:

  • Purpose of travel must be limited to tourism or business visitor activities only
  • ETA visa is Valid for multiple visits within 12 months from the date of issue
  • Maximum length of each visit is three months only
  • Condition 8115 – being on ETA paid work is not permitted. However, you may undertake business visitor activities such as, making business enquirers, contractual negotiations and attending conferences etc.
  • Condition 8201 – Being on ETA you must not study for more than three months in Australia
  • Condition 8527 – You must be I good health and free from tuberculosis
  • Condition 8528 – You must disclose if you have any criminal convictions for which you have been sentenced for a total collective period of 12 months or more, even though it hasn’t been served yet.

Important: It is important that you must leave Australia before your authorised stay period expires. If you do not, you might put yourself at risk to be detained and/or removed from Australia. Overstaying might also affect your ability to be granted another Australian visa in the future, including an ETA. However, if it is necessary for you to stay in Australia for more than three months while you are on an ETA, you must obtain another visa type before your three months stay period has expired.

18. I am an Australian citizen with citizenship with other countries as well. Do I need Australia ETA Visa to visit Australia?

Australian citizens have an automatic right of entry into Australia and, therefore, do not require ETA or eVisitor visa to enter into Australia.

19. Why am I not receiving the email confirmation?

Once your Australia ETA visa is approved you will receive an email confirmation. To make sure you are not missing any email please ensure:

  • Your email is still valid
  • Your email storage capacity is not full
  • You check your email SPAM folder regularly if our visa confirmation email has incorrectly identified as spam.
  • Please note, the reference number you receive from us that starts with ETA followed by numbers and letters, for example ETA00000000US, is not to be used at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Authority website. However, using this reference number you will be able to check the status of your Australia ETA / eVisitor visa through our website including the visa category and its expiry date.