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Australia Visa Verification

Australia ETA Visa Verification

Once you receive a confirmation email of you visa, you are authorised to travel to Australia and your details are electronically linked to your passport and therefore it is accessible by travel agencies, airlines and Boarder Protection Authority. However, there may be a situation when some clients wish to verify their visa. Though it’s not necessary, you may send an enquiry to for further clarification.

There are some other agencies also available where they can verify your visa status by using the passport number. Such as,

  • Australian Embassy in any countries

  • Any

    Australian Visa office

    . (Full List here)
  • Your airline can also verify your visa.
  • Or, by e-mailing

Once we process your application we receive direct response from Australian Immigration either it is approved, rejected or referred. For example, if your Application is approved we will receive a response from Australian Immigration office like this. We then send it to our client in PDF format. It is a proof that the status of your visa is valid.

Australia ETA Visa Reference Numbers

As soon as you submit an application for Australia ETA visa through you will receive a unique reference number from us that starts with ETA followed by numbers and letters. For instance, ETA000000CA. By using this reference number you will be able to check the visa status, visa category and its expiry at

Please be advised, you will not be able to use the above reference number at the Department of Immigration and Boarder protection Authority website.


The Department of Immigration Autralia’s VEVO system is only to be used by Schools, Organisations and companies to check the visa status of their employees or students etc. Therefore, VEVO system is not to be used for ETA / eVisitor visa status check.

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